jeudi 21 août 2008

Bike trip to La Romieu

In this beutiful summer afternoon, my brother and law and I embarqued on a bike trip from Pergain Taillac to La Romieu. This superbe village is about 13.3 kms away and is a nice little touristy place. There are some nice gardens, old village houses, fortifications and a ancient church, monastry and cloitre. Anyway, for biking, it is a pretty easy ride without any major slopes, but ups and downs constantly that can get quite tiring.

We achieved the first leg in 47 minutes, which is an average speed of 17 kms an hour. The return leg after a break for drinks and the visit of the Collegiale, took us 48 minutes. It must have been all those stairs to climb up to the top of the two towers that tired us out before the return leg.

As usual, a quick map of our trip today:

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